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Call Adapt soundboard software delivers smart audio playback technology using live agent control. Give your customers a customized experience.

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Benefits of using an avatar

A better way to converse with your customers

Automation tools help your agents deliver consistent quality customer service

Overcome agent fatigue and burnout impacting your call center’s performance metrics. Implement a solution to help your agents deliver a strong pitch on every call.

Keep your customers engaged with clear responses delivered with a single key stroke.

Define and refine your call structure with customizable playback options. Give your customers a personalized calling experience while maintaining compliance.

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What is Soundboard Software?

A growing trend in the calling industry has been the adoption of soundboard software. “Digital soundboard,” “sound board” or “avatar,” is an interactive telephone agent-driven software package.
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What is Agent-Assisted Automation?

Automation tools help boost agent productivity by reducing time spent on redundant tasks. These tools can take many forms. But, they are generally web or software applications.
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Why is Agent Script Adherence Important?

Call centers are at risk when agents do not follow scripts! As we all know, a call center script is an important document. It provides telephone agents a guide to navigate calls.